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Innovation and Technology

innovation001As part of its effort to ensure adequate technical support to operations and competitive advantage, Partex Oil and Gas undertakes several R&D programmes aimed at the development of specific knowledge and technologies in critical areas of the industry. These programmes are supported and further developed through contacts, partnerships and protocols which the Group has established with technical entities of recognised quality, such as leading technological centres, research institutes and universities. Areas that have been addressed include seismic, reservoir characterization, compositional simulation, fluid characterisation, geo–statistical modelling, geo-mechanics and facilities projects. The following current R&D projects are worth highlighting:

Acoustic Elastic Stochastic Inversion

The program aims at developing an algorithm for geostatistical elastic inversion, leading to improved reservoir characterization methodology.

Enhanced Oil and Recovery

The objective of this research program is the application of Compositional Simulation and Fluid Characterization techniques on the implementation of Enhanced Oil Recovery projects. The use of Reservoir Simulation models tailored for Miscible Gas injection projects are relevant to increase reservoir ultimate recovery factor.